Friday, September 23, 2005

the week that was

the week that was: routines… design class every morning, followed by some work or the other on the impending caa evaluation (the report is still under construction); some problems to solve with the schedule of things and then in the late afternoon and evening sitting with amit and mayuri on the lokhandwala interior.

i really have started looking forward to these evening sessions. somehow the work there is so much my own. i feel happier in that space. less weighed down by consequences. the office is also done now and it is really not as bathroom like as i thought it would be. dying to get it working again. i needed that space- a space of my own- or at least a space i felt was mine. no matter how well or badly it does- at least it exists as a concept.

the day before yesterday stopped over at prasad’s place to see how he was doing. met tamal, rupali there and the kids from saurabhs class followed soon. we bitched about college, about work, about anything that we could to try and not address the reason that we were there. what would be the point in speaking of it? can we offer any advice? is he not getting his earful of it anyways? and besides which wouldn’t it be presumptuous of us to begin to speak in a place where words cant begin to express emotions? all we could do, i think, is to be there and support with our presence.

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