Sunday, September 11, 2005

driving attempts. car deck . madhu's bombay

madhu, mukul and the ghulam sheikh mural on the floor at majlis

many attempts to get to andheri later i was in mukuls house (again). the unpredictability of the forecast, the complete lack of any reliable information and the ridiculous traffic jams made me head back home thrice on the way to andheri in the morning. it seems that many people reached safe and sound though. anyways, i made use of the day by getting a car deck fixed, with mukuls fine ear for sound helping me make all the decisions.

not being able to sleep at home, i then decided to go for a massage when madhu called to ask whether we could go to kalina for a screening of the rough cut of her bombay/mumbai epic. so we did. interesting it seemed though it was tough for me to comment as i did not know the techniques and therefore the possibilities.

speaking of film, samira has to make this presentation of her work in december to a bunch of other architects. i am thinking, maybe a costume drama staged in her architecture in black and white still shots (or vivid colour), perhaps a few short movie clips, surreal for sure..mythical characters performing unusually everyday acts in her rather strange spaces. or maybe a childrens party?

madhu and mukul in the majlis office

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