Sunday, September 25, 2005

bjork: medulla

bjork: the new album is ‘medulla’ with sounds of birth, fluid, throbbing, squealing. her vision is vast and intimate at the same time and so is her sound. it is primeval and sophisticated. the terrain that she covers is of existence in its most basic form- where matter and thought are being born.


one breath away from mother oceania

your nimble feet make prints in my sands
you have done good for yourselves
since you left my wet embrace
and crawled ashore

every boy, is a snake is a lily
every pearl is a lynx, is a girl

sweet like harmony made into flesh

you dance by my side

children sublime

you show me continents
i see islands
you count the centuries
i blink my eyes
hawks and sparrows race in my waters

stingrays are floating across the sky

little ones, my sons and my daughters
your sweat is salty
i am why
i am why
i am why

your sweat is salty
i am why
i am why
i am why

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