Sunday, September 25, 2005

the seven samurai

after having heard about it for year, i finally decided to watch the seven samurai- akira kurosawa’s masterpiece that inspired so many hollywood and bollywood remakes. the storyline, i am sure, everyone knows- a group of villagers decide to hire samurai to protect their village from bandits.

the hype for me was a little too much to take and i might have expected too much of the film, but it was not as great as i thought it would be- though i did get involved with some of the characters and some sequences were tremendously staged. the battle sequences were amazing and so were the scenes in the forest, but constantly as i was watching i felt that there was someone over my shoulder telling me to find something profound to feel- and to be quite honest i did not- except for the complex way in which the dynamics between the moral codes of the villagers and the samurai were presented. great action film though, and quite entertaining (though a little too long- or so my mother thought)


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