Saturday, September 17, 2005

report making. furniture. office. 'chocolate'

the dates are here- the caa inspection begins on the 10th of october and ends on the 14th. this means that all our schedules for submissions and examinations go for a complete toss. luckily it seems like the paperwork to be done is almost over. just a few (more) fine tunings.

yesterday after my two classes- third year design and the ralph erskine ‘imaging the inhabitant’ second year lecture, paul, kaushikand me were planning the next few days when amit came and i started work on designing furniture for the lokhandwala flat.

the office is almost done, all i need to do is pay the guy and then move the computers, etc to it. finally!

‘chocolate’ at inorbit with amit. another shameless hollywood ripoff. ‘the usual suspects’ set in london with an all cool cast- very much like ‘dus’. also like ‘dus’ hollywodised caricatures, editing ishtyle and over the top camerawork. quite well made in spite of it all. arshad warsi, emraan hashmi, suneil shetty, anil kapoor and irrfan in the kevin spacey role are all quite goos. the women- meghana reddy as monsoon the ditsy reporter is gorgeous and tanushree dutta as the femme fatale is all cleavage and legs that go on forever. the music is awful- like really bad. three item numbers, if i remember right- just one big hit- at least one song that i quite like- ‘halka halka’ with the usual suspects dancing on the streets of london.

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