Wednesday, September 28, 2005

the sources of the self: the making of modern identity

just finished reading this tome (and it sure is one huge book). sonal said it is the heavier version of ‘sophies world’- a narrative of heavy philosophical concepts and a complicated book, the attempt is to understand the notions and concepts that help us see ourselves as modern beings. what is it that constructs this modernity?

naturally charles taylor traces it in western civilization, as he naturally would. though i am sure there are definite differences in the construction of my own post-colonial identity- after all i did not share the same history of development- i was able to relate to many of the ideas. it must be my english medium convent education and liberal westernized background that allows me to see my own self in the identity of the modern man that he sketches out- the thinking man of the enlightement detached and rational; and the expressive man of romanticism struggling to get in touch with his own ‘reality’ and that of nature. this careful deconstruction of my self was provocative and fascinating- though incomplete. kept me thinking- and still confounded.

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