Saturday, October 01, 2005


don’t you hate it when you get up in the middle of the night, not able to fall asleep again, thinking of the most irrelevant useless things, that should definitely not be the cause of insomnia? like why qazi is still around in fame gurukul; or a phone call you should have made last week but did not; a study trip that is still far away- or those odd meaningless dreams .. when i woke up right now i was trying to find my way through wet mud around an apartment building in marve, in grey morning light, from which naked people kept walking out to defecate on a beach- in line. disgusting. in the building all my students were waiting. i remember saurabhs face as soon as i entered. can someone please analyze this one for me?

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minal said...

it is said that dreams are reflections of our thoughts, our experiences arranged in a very irregular sequence........every thing ......what we see, the way we percive them, n the way we react.........i m quite sure that if u take each of the things which u saw in ur dream n try to relate them with, what have u seen or thought of on that day will definitely have a link.......its fun to develop these links!! try it out!!! may be an exercise to know how things n their abstarction relate each other!