Wednesday, October 05, 2005

a 'thank you' post

thanks to everybody who wished me on my birthday- from everyone who called- babu, shyam, sushma, paromita, nishesh, tejas, nilesh, yogita, paragi, kshama….. to everyone who sent sms’… fourth year students( every five minutes a new sms), madhushree…. and those who met me and wished me- saurabh, jude, lalitha, deepali, kausik, amisha, nikhil, supriya, dnyanesh, amol, .. and those that did not remember and whom i shamelessly reminded. thanks to the third year class ho embarrassed me (and sachin who shares the same birthday) by singing “happy birthday to you…” loudly in class at least four times intermittently in a dummy drawings jury for their vasai fort project that started at 8 and ended at 2.30.. what a way to spend the morning of your birthday. thanks to amit and mayuri for buying me that fabindia lamp that is sitting on the bar in the living room right now; and amit for the lunch party at alfredos’.. thanks to mukul boy for buying me bjork and madonna videos from katmandu and being nice enough to drive me across town in the evening for the freshers party at ‘seven’ above ‘shoppers stop’, and to the cook at golden orchid for the flavour of the pot rice and teriyaki lamb; and many thanks to all the kids who wished me for my birthday while dancing wildly to remixed bollywood and bhangra.

a nice birthday.

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Mayur said...

hey rohan...good to know u had a great time....happy belated birthday!!