Sunday, October 16, 2005

a weekend round up of the semester end

the end of the vasai fort project with a jury of young architects from the city: sanjeev punjabi, kaif faquih, shantanu poredi and chirag jain. the kids had worked really hard this time and had fairly good sheets and good models for the jury. nice the work was and the externals seemed to like it too.

post jury i celebrated in a haze of hookahs and low light, satin seats and glass bead curtains at a “lounge bar” called ‘quilla’ near amboli. meghana, sonal, ranjit, amit, tejas and me- heady long island iced teas and inconsequential music with a sardar dancing solo on a smoky dance floor. soon we were there too.

i leave on monday for amritsar with the third year. study trip. which means more organization, inspiration, exhaustion.

meanwhile as i get older and jaded the debate rages on about the value that young people get within the school. i am all for them and their energies, while others feel that their immaturity can be dangerous… to whom to they form a threat, i ask?

meanwhile, naturally the pakistan plan has flopped, though as a concept it was relly useful because ofr achange i got all my paperwork in order- tax returns, lic payments- for which i went all the way to town on thursday after college. was not that pointless a trip though. spent itme at oxford book shop, bought sonal ‘a whistling woman’- a s byatt’s final novel about frederica potter; met mukul and amit who were also in town and had dinner with them at ‘candies’, bandra. candies is so gorgeous in the evenings. the christmas lights that twinkle above the terracotta floor and the wrought iron tables with painted tile tops. the food is not bad either.

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