Sunday, October 09, 2005

designer clothes - jigsaw puzzles - haircut inspiration - tax returns

shopping at inorbit on sunday – the only weekend while sonal is here. ritu kumar blouse and skirt for her- she looked lovely in them and also in a red jari speckled sari that was rejected only for being far too expensive to wear only for one day- the day being meghana’s wedding day in december.

at crossword mom bought a renoir 100 piece jigsaw puzzle that she is sitting in the living room trying to decipher right now, while i got me an anthology of twentieth century english poetry. i had carried my book to the barber today thinking i will get time to read while the dude cut my hair- but the guy was too enthusiastic and kept talking to me while he gave me a ‘captain marvel’ haircut- so he said… (he watches cartoon network to get inspiration for his styles- but the other guys prefer their 80s hindi potboilers) .. the head massage was intoxicating and a little tipsy i probably tipped him too much..

prabodh meanwhile has taken all my papers to file my returns in the hope that i will be able to apply for my visa to pakistan in the coming week. lahore from amritsar via the wagah border.. just next week? i am so unprepared.

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mentioned maturity said...

why dont u wait till the earthquake chaos settles down.