Monday, October 03, 2005


yesterday.. the meetings.. lokhandwala; then mayuri, amit and me at sea view killing two hours watching sunlight make pools of glitter on the sea through an overcast sky; the saraswat colony meeting at mr nayampalli’s house with mr jariwala and mr mukherjee as they told us stories of the time when the water reached up to their houses and the britishers had set up camp out side the colony; prasad and rupali at the zunka bhakar, and the sparc fiasco that prasad described all the way back to his place.

it is strange when huge amounts of funding are given to people with no expertise in a field- and only because they claim to love the “sound” of a language; or when two people are forced to admit a secret in public because of an innocent question; or how a non governmental organization manages to fool the entire world; and how even they don’t mind making smaller sacrifices for what they see as the greater common good. it is also strange when, there are things that we all know that no one want to talk about- though it is the only thing on all our minds. somehow, we sidestep the issue or drown it in blustering talk.

and.. sonal is back in bombay for her dassera holidays and kshama called in the evening to wish mom and me for our birthdays and so that we could wish her- happy birthday kshama!


Vani said...

Hey Rohan,

What exactly is the SPARC fiasco story?Just curious.
By the way, am an architect and studying urban Planning at Georgia Tech.
Have been visiting ur bolg frequently.


Rohan Shivkumar said...

from unconfirmed reports.. its quite a story- one of mismanaged funds, power hungry non governmental organisations, projects that were never executed, stories that were mistranslated to evaluators, and other such shady deals..

and hey.. its cool to have another architect come to the site. hows georgia tech ? and what are you specialising in?

Vani said...

Georgia Tech is a great school. Not heavy on design unlike MIT,Berkeley n others. A balance of policy and skill based courses.(esp GIS n transportation)

I am specialising in Land Use/Urban design.Actually interested in housing policy,but sigh!no such courses here.Trying to do my option paper on tenure security for the Urban poor in India.Lets c how it comes thru.

By the way, Happy B'day.