Monday, October 10, 2005

three dreams in one night

a long white bar like interior with rooms shaped like enormous teeth- glowing white pure as if made of light. i am skating free around these placing colourful eccentricities in the gaps- toys in red and yellow plastic- little homes and machines that move; or glittering mineral crystals that are supposed to bring luck. i am trying to involve shipra from the fourth year.

a grey hospital on a mountain that i can fold into my pocket. i live in a nomadic community with a few friends.. there is a tree that we carry around, along with reams of glass beads that we decorate the hospital building with; the tree forms the center of our nomadic community wherever we decide to set up base- we drag it behind our trailer.

for some unknown reason i am dancing behind usher as he races across bandra bandstand; everyone thinks he is a murderer but me. then i hug him and he disappears and becomes nikhil; who is sitting in a room outside my house breaking down and crying as he is accused of killing someone’s son.

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ranz said...

your third dream suggests its time to go dancing again.....


sorry.had to do the usher bit.