Sunday, October 16, 2005


learniing some bad habits from my family. high on two vodkas, chocolate and almond cake and a beautiful cuban cigar at satish uncles place today at lunch. smooth lovely. another family event celebrating new entrants - meghana's ashish, siddarth's jasmeet and adheem's sharon. a gujju boy, a sikh woman and a catholic from bandra. our tradition of secularism continues in the next generation. fun time.


mentioned maturity said...

have a fun time on the trip! october-novembers' still make me crave for an escape. somehow this time seems just right for a get-away, and one like a study trip, wow nothing like it!! u guys deifnitely worked very hard for making atleast our 5 trips a great experience and a very memorable time...!

Reva said...

Hey, You look "ccol man".
"The Dude"!!!