Sunday, October 02, 2005

sunday morning

its sunday morning and i am looking at a day with non stop meetings from morning till the evening. i need a holiday!

yesterday was the 13th day event of prasad mothers death at a hall opposite sion hospital. a huge number of people from college turned up, including nilesh, rohit and yogita just in from delhi. spoke a lot to rupali who told me her sparc horror story and about the guy who had such a big architectural business that he could not afford to send her an sms with his address. after he did, she naturally erased it.

i parked the car facing the opposite direction like an idiot in front of amits house later in the day and the car was promptly towed away. while mayuri was trying to give me a ride to the traffic police chowky her bike broke down. it was quite entertaining – this comedy of broken down vehicles. we worked out three estimates for the flat sitting in the office (again!) until it got late.

gave them a dinner party at copper chimney in anticipation of my birthday (4th october- for all you who don’t remember)

today morning in the living room over coffee, cuddled underneath the covers mom, dad and me spent some time talking about complicate things like the loss of idealism and where do we go for dinner when sonal arrives (which is today.. )

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