Thursday, October 13, 2005

engagement - 'reflections'

yesterday evening nilesh and yogita got engaged yesterday in a “small” ceremony where a lot of people were invited. the hall was opposite shoppers stop in andheri, and the both of them were looking very happy; nilesh in his blue kurta with a gold dupatta and yogs in a fancy orange sari with matching bangles and necklace. all the couples were son being pestered by everyone around to get engaged immediately so that prasad could get a discount in buying the wedding gifts.

mukul came a little later and the two of us went to this preview theater in bandra- dimple- owned by the kumar gaurav family to watch bejoys’ debut 7 minute film: ‘reflections’ in which mohanlal daydreams of relationships with various women, one of whom was juhi babbar whom bejoy is currently seeing. the movie was all slick surface and the press was there to interview the boy though their cameras spent a lot of time lingering over juhi and her mother. mohanlal could not come. dinner was sizzlers at kobes.

happy dassera to all..

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Rajesh said...

well, Bejoy and Juhi got married yesterday.were you there?
After you saw 'reflections' it was shown in different film festivals and was well appreciated. Bejoy assisted Maniratnam in GURU.