Wednesday, June 08, 2005

aside from the evening sky

still waiting for the rains as the days seem to get hotter and hotter.. here is the evening sky over the crazy zigzag borivili flyover.. quite spectacular.

college has begun and the third year is madly energetic- such a change after last years class. they are sharp, fun to be around, enthusiastic.. hopefully they are able to sustain this energy till the end of the project. It can get rather stressful later..

at work amit and me are working on a plan for bahaar’s cousin arshiya’s new workshop at worli. a very tight space and almost everything has to fit inside it. amit and saurabh are also working on the ‘landmark’ project which is interesting but difficult to resolve. shall post it in this space when it takes shape.


bought a camera phone for sonal yesterday at irla, measure drew hemant mamas bathroom and have a few options for it..rahul srivastava was in college today and gave a talk to the third year on his neighbourhood project..

hmmm…. i have also not been able to blog for the past few days because my net was not working… (mukul: “if your net is not working, how can you catch butterflies?”) … so here i am connected again catching butterflies..

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Mukul said...

it can get rather stressful later.. highly recommend vipassna. 10 days in igatpuri. that is where i got my sense of humour. but jokes apart, recommended to one and all.