Thursday, June 16, 2005

two buildings i love


from bahaars office after college to discuss the competition she has in mind, and the new idea of the design cell, i could see kanchanjunga from the window. i love that building. correa’s best-i think. maybe i am just biased because i live in a place designed by him.

another building i love is the richardson and cruddas building just after the jj flyover. an industrial shed- i love the layered metal fa├žade with the larger than life typography. i clicked these snaps from a moving car as mukul, suresh the sound recordist and me drove back from the more 'picturesque' (inner city, mill lands, industrial housing, early suburbs, dharavi, bandra kurla complex) alternative route - back home.

richardson and cruddas (1972)

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ranjit said...

hey rona.
i love the richardson & cruddas building too!!!!
always saw it while growing up, when we would drive home from some relatives place at night.
i also feel the long flyover should have ended at this signal,not the previous one.
makes better traffic sense.