Thursday, June 16, 2005

garbage day

piles of garbage

the dump over the creek

looking towards the city

the heat is killing us right now. where in the world is the monsoon? and it was much worse in the sun as we trudged through the gorai garbage dump right on the edge of borivali where the entire western suburbs send their rubbish. the fourth year were subjected to this on the first day of their year. it did not smell as bad as i thought it would. the garbage was piled up at least 6 stories high though- right on the mangrove coast as it leeched into the creek. more land being created for the rahejas to develop.

afterwards we took the ferry across to esselworld to see some water treatment systems that they had developed and some vermiculture area. amusement parks are such strange beings. i remember the area where the monstrous park now stands as being completely mangroves and low lying marshes. today it is a forest with fully grown trees and all kinds of torture machines and fanciful plaster of paris attemts to create alternative universes- the most weird being the skating rink in the middle of summer.. such a radical transformation. i love the surrealism of it all .

now vipassana is building a huge golden pagoda in the vicinity of esselworld and water kingdom- another kind of amusement park i guess.. another place where you torture yourself to make yourself feel more alive… (sorry mukul.. i know, i know.. i have to try it before i trash it)

and all the while we spent time meditating over waste

tha garbage dump looms over the mangroves

sneha, shilpa, ainsley in the background, richa and ruchita in the foreground

the pirates of the seperation

holy crap

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