Tuesday, June 14, 2005

competitions, board games, birthday lunch

amit and saurabh in intense discussion about the landmark project.

the competitive spirit seems to have invaded the office due to a serious depletion in work. most projects seem to be finishing right now, including the udri projects. have to look for more work seriously. meanwhile- there is the town landmark competition that saurabh, amit and me are working on and also the bhopal gas tragedy memorial competition that we have begun discussing.

meanwhile in college the third year truly can inspire the faculty. they are enthusiastic and energetic. in today'’s discussion the idea of a game as the structure for the presentation of their work on vasai fort came up, it might be perfect for the contradictory, complicated storylines that emerged during the study. like a game of ‘snakes and ladders or ‘ludo’- or maybe a treasure hunt’ for the ‘truth… sounds like it will be fun.. but they might not have enough time to make the game… dekhte hain..

it was amisha'’s birthday today and paul, kausik, amisha and me went out for lunch to mahesh lunch home at juhu. appam, prawns, rawas and caramel custard.

saurabh the swan


Mukul said...

sweetest saurabh and amit look like brothers

meghu said...

i am intrigued by the game idea, we have often used games like human snakes & ladders etc for brands.. dunknwowhether its relevant but execution wise maybe i can help?

gues ill talk abotu this with you when i see you.. hopefully soon..