Sunday, June 12, 2005

sunday meeting

ninad, deepali, sharmishta, pallavi and kaiwan at the meeting

the school of architecture with kaifi azmi udyan nearby from the school building

home at last, home at last.. after an annual feel good session for the college management.. many elderly gentlemen spoke at great length on many pertinent issues, much wisdom was received from the mouths of these veterans through circuitous meandering down many memory lanes littered with anecdotes and parables.. about the value of yoga, ..amazing ‘indian culture’- unity in diversity, college students wearing uniforms, the teachings of shakhas and parivars, ‘ethical’ values.. and in the audience - among women teachers in their neatly starched saris and gajras.. men in terrycot plaid shirts and tailored pleated trousers tightly belted, moustached.. and us.

the above post has been expunged of all potentially offensive comments on a sugesstion from my dear friend mukul.

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sonal said...

aiee ga
it sounds like great fun.