Monday, June 20, 2005

high rise views

sky over borivili east

from mukul's house

sunday evening. the shifting clouds across a clear blue sky. the sharp evening light after the rains have cleansed the dust from the air.

The view from mukuls house overlooks the new apartment building off the highway and the still red gulmohurs of the national park; while the view from madhushree’s house overlooks the madness of the malad edge of the city as it gradually takes over national park. slums, quarries, shops and the blue tarpaulin that gives the shanties protection in the rains.

madhu, mukul and me drinking exotic alcohol into the night discussing the obsolescence of the hegemony of technique in image making and how the language of images seems so natural to the young today. the digital format it would seem has completely transformed the consumption patterns of images and there is no clear way evolved to theorize and understand it.

reminded me of rahul talking about the 3rd years kids and the ease by which they recreated the stylistic devices of ‘the matrix’ or a quentin tarantino in the film they made on the roof of the college.

i can feel the generation gap widening slowly and surely. this agility with the image is something i must be able to harness if i am to stay relevant.

from madhu's house

tarpaulin and film poster shelters

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