Thursday, June 09, 2005

i believe in bruce springsteen

i believe in bruce springsteen.

i believe in his sadness and his perpetual hope.. his evangelical faith in the flesh and blood of the common man.. .. i believe he speaks for all us who lie lurking in the darkness on the edge of town.. migrants, marginalised, outsiders. his belief in our capability to experience joy and happiness in spite of all that stands in our way. i wept as he raised his hands in spiritual fervor issuing sermons in celebration of earthly pleasures and cosmic revelations and connections. i believe in his landscapes.. his metaphors.. dusty, abandoned roads, rivers that we must cross or follow, abandoned shells of cars.. the promise of the promised land.. and love.. real tangible love.. stained, torn at the edges.. negotiated but truly and tangibly felt..

i had become wary of his utopianism for a while now thinking it too full blooded, cliche ridden, ambiguous and formulaic, until today ‘thunder road’ brought back that dreamscape of desperate love and longing, and of that desire to fly wild on the streets- free... on thunder road..


ranjit said...

your post reminded me of state trooper,with him roleplaying the serial killer....pleading with the trooper in the car behind (or maybe his own head) to not stop him.

love those lines.
of him not being able to help the person that he is.

and his visuals of telephone poles whirring by.
i always see them move by, slow at the top,faster below.

sonal said...

another favourite image of desperate love is (canadian and completely american) neil young's-
meet me at the wrecking ball, and wear something pretty and white, and we'll go dancing tonight..(little too obvious, i know)
tacky like tennesse williams tinsel and still beautiful.
but springsteen is all heart.
and thunder road is an amazing song.

somehow Road with vivek oberoi and antara mali such an american movie.

ranz said...

especially miss mali crawling in dirt with camera following her around .
she is crawling for no reason.
ramu is following her every move with good reason. :)

Rohan Shivkumar said...

dancing as a metaphor for escape from a life of drudgery-- dancing in the dark.. my favourite.. though neil youngs wrecking ball is fantastic..
and stop being nasty about antara mali- i think she is tealented besides being very hot.. really liked her in 'naach' .

ranz said...

not nasty!!!! hehe :D
all i am saying is her hot, talented body made ramu follow her around as she cavorted in that song.

yah.and about wrecking ball......i also liked emy lou harris' version of it.