Tuesday, June 21, 2005

the vasai game, bindu-sujeesh and priyanka

the game

it was decided somewhere in the middle of last week to put together the conflicting narratives that were uncovered during the course of our investigations of vasai fort as a game one would play- a game which would have a definite beginning but not necessarily a definite end. each path that one would choose in the journey would reveal a different aspect of the fort. the final result was a loose path connecting various incidents in the first floor area of the school. inventive energetic and fun somehow the kids managed to pull off quite a good job in just three days. although sometimes the game took over the information such that it becomes sometimes pointless, it still was a good design exercise for them to understand scale, material, architecture in terms of the meanings that they have and can create. could have been better of course but i believe it served the purpose of the exercise. some more restraint and structure would have helped. i particularly liked the one where information about the temple and the church were revealed in gradually increasing light, the church where we play a game to see if we are educated, the taps where inflatable balloons give us information written on them.. most of the time i needed instructions from the kids thronging around me to understand what was going on- but given more time i am sure they could have pulled off a more "finished" product.

the game

after college amit and me drove to ghatkopar where we met bindu and sujeesh about a new office that they are thinking of doing up. the office is in two galas right near the railway lines.. bindu says sujeesh gets inspired by the trains. after that we went to their house in thane, where we had drinks and caught up with each other. i had not seen them in very long and it was good to meet them and their new addition to the family -priyanka- who is all of 6 months old. rohan- their son- seems all grown up now and gave us absolutely no attention as he was more interested in the kids who were waiting for him downstairs. total sweethearts the four of them are.. they say they will be here this weekend. hopefully we will meet again then.

sujeesh and bindu


sujeesh and priyanka

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