Friday, June 24, 2016

Arabian Nights- Volume 1: The Restless One. Miguel Gomes....

Arabian Nights- Volume 1: The Restless One. Miguel Gomes. 2015.

To stave off the execution, to buy more time, mad, angry, funny stories of Portugal’s austerity drive forced on it by the international lending agencies, including a story that conflates the testimonies of dock workers with firemen burning wasp’s nests,  another where european lenders compensate for their erectile dysfunction by screwing the Portuguese people, or where a cock is put on trial for waking up a neighbourhood but was only trying to warn the people of the love triangle that is keeping the mountain burning. A Chinese emperor and a German schoolboy also in there somewhere, before an exploding whale on a beach and a series of testimonies from people who are planning a swim in the ocean on the first of January. 

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