Sunday, June 05, 2016

(Flight Movies). The jackal- you can’t go anywhere by down...

(Flight Movies). The jackal- you can’t go anywhere by down bycasting Bruce Willis as hired killer and Richard Gere as Irish Republican Army freedom fighter; Locke- on an inky dark drive across England a man faces up to the consequences of that one error he made and loses his family and his job by gains a baby (aw); The Grudge Match- Somebody in Hollywood had a great idea- has been actors who once played boxers face off against each other Deniro against Stallone, an all male cast except for Kim basinger- a truly bad film; PK- a civics lesson disguised as a movie- not very successfully, some points for political correctness; Grand Hotel- tragic melodrama about counts who steal, ambitious beautiful stenographers, tragic lonely gorgeous dancers alone in hotel rooms, small time accountants living it up in the last days of their life, his boss-lying capitalist industrial tycoon and all the other lives that surround the circular lobby in the swankiest hotel in town.

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