Friday, June 10, 2016

Investigation of a citizen above suspicion. Elio Petri....

Investigation of a citizen above suspicion. Elio Petri. 1970.

Power needs to test its own limits. It needs the anarchist, it needs the tease. It needs them to validate itself- and prove to itself that no matter what it does, how oppressive it is, the system which sustains it will protect it. Power here is the body and the confidence of the head of the police who commits a crime when he kills his lover in her lavish apartment and purposely leaves clues that point to him being the killer including his blood stained footprints and a blue fragment of his tie. This is a test of the invincibility of the tyrant. The fear of authority and the desperation of those in the system to sustain it, no matter what, keeps him above suspicion. He wants to be caught and be acquitted to prove that no matter what he does, he cannot be touched; or does he want to be convicted to escape this perpetual machismo that is forced on him by the system?

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