Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Sairat. Nagraj Manjule. 2016. That terrific beginning where...

Sairat. Nagraj Manjule. 2016.

That terrific beginning where the everyday desires of everyday people are occasionally lifted from the ordinary into extraordinary in sudden flourishes of birds flying and soaring music- like it comes from a dream life of somewhere else- an ideal ‘elsewhere’, a utopian paradise of freedom and equality.The tension comes from the knowledge that we have that all this is merely a mirage and is going to disintegrate and destroy. All this is brilliantly done.

All good in fact until the kiss in the car and then the edginess disappears and is replaced with an unfortunately predictable miserabilism around a suspected infidelity and a sudden death in an art film melodrama.

In spite of that fantastic lead pair whose tentativeness, tenderness and bravado, and whose incredible beauty is that much more attractive because it is the one we see everyday around us, Fandry was more of bolt out of nowhere and much better.

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